Sunday, May 16, 2010

Masks, Faces and People

I can see masks every where. Faces behind masks..people behind faces. Pretensions all around make me wonder what the truth is. Too many similar masks and too many similar faces. Brown eyes everywhere..light brown, hazel brown, dark brown. The unmistakable fragrance. Is it really you or its just my mind playing up again? I have cocooned myself in my small little world. I sometimes wonder why. Is it because I am someone like this or was it you who made me so? I meet people everyday everywhere. Some are familiar faces and some are familiar masks. Some are a novelty and some are just a chore. There are some which stand apart. It is always these people that intrigue me. They are like this enormous jigsaw puzzle and by the time I fit in the last few somehow gets scattered and then again its an unsolved jigsaw puzzle. Is it that I fail to put in the last few pieces or do these puzzles keep on changing. I think, the latter must be true. After all, these are people and people do change. What strikes as funny to me is how rapidly masks change to faces..faces to people and then people to masks again. Its like an unending vicious circle.

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