Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blessed are the forgetful or are they?

Ever since the first time that I watched the move 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' I have always wondered how life would be if 'Lacuna Inc' really existed. Initially I thought that it would be great. All those heartbroken, troubled souls of the would finally find some solace. I personally would have a long list of people, incidences to be wiped out of my memory. There would have been no such thing called 'moving on' or 'getting over someone' or for that matter even depressions, mental-breakdowns and all those things that we generally face when going through difficulties. Being a closet hippie, the thought made me really happy just for a moment thinking that this would be one way that peace may actually prevail.

But being a human after all made me think that there is a flipside to everything. What would the flipside to an idea as amazing as this one?

Well, then I thought that there would be innumerable drawbacks of a concept such as this. Life would be painless. There would be no difficulties. Yeah I know, it all sounds so perfect. But then again, man becomes what he is through life experiences. It is a loss of a person that teaches us to value people in our lives. It is heartbreak that lets us feel what love is. Its those difficult times in our life that teach us to value what we have. If we take the struggle and despair out of human life then I don't think there would be anything truly left to live for. Everything would be momentary. Happiness, sorrow, struggle, achievements, almost everything that makes and breaks us. And we all know how worthless momentary things are!

And as always, I tried to relate all this to my life, our world and everything around and I realised that's its not a bad thing to suffer after all! Its a sandpaper effect. All things bad just polish us and make us shine brighter and make us emerge as the diamond thats initially nothing but coal. So yeah, the moral of all this gibberish is that I have changed my perspective towards my life. I ain't looking for any 'Lacuna Inc.' and I definitely ain't a coward. I am going to face all that comes my way and come out of it shining as bright as I can.