Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Day of Reckoning

Tick, tick and ticking away...
I can hear it everywhere
In my bedroom and even in the dark alleys
And it won't stop now.
It ain't slow and steady
Its like a bomb ticking fast and frantically...

It has a life and a voice of its own,
Which cries aloud in despair.
It sobs sitting in a corner inside me,
Wondering why they don't care.

I can see it coming
With a speed of lightning.
The day will come soon enough,
When I will have to see it crumbling.

That day, the doomsday of my soul,
To bits and pieces it will explode.
The day when I pay the final price.
It'll leave nothing but ashes.
And then you may talk to me
Staring deep into my hollow eyes...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Ocean Storm

The ocean meets the shore on a stormy day.
I lay behind and let it sweep me by,
Letting the waves take me in their stride,
In the surrender I take pride.

I let them take me down the whirlpool of pleasure.
I wait in crazy anticipation.
I am warned as I look into those intense eyes,
But I give in without hesitation.

I feel the wind go wild.
I awake from a scary haze.
It rains, it pours for days and days....
I am lost in the intimate intricacy.....

As I turn from gray to green,
I feel the land shift away from beneath.
I lay there drenched, not believing the feat.
Again wind is breeze and the ocean is serene.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dreams Lost In Oblivion....

He lies there along with others like himself
Lies in that shady place and forcibly calls it 'home'
Abandoned by his own blood and welcomed by strangers
He still wonders, what went wrong sitting there alone
He stares into his empty life with his weakened and blurred vision
Trying to search for his dreams lost in oblivion....

Just a kid of nine he stands there all day
Amidst the noise of people, buses and cars
Just to earn the few pennies to have his bread and butter
He hopes that one day he won't beg and would stand amongst the stars
He still continues singing at the signals with meticulous precision
Trying to search for his dreams lost in oblivion....

He left her for the nation on their wedding night much to her dismay
She goes through all the possible newspapers everyday
She watches the news on the television hoping he would return one day
But she doesn't know that he lies dead across enemy lines
She still wonders how her married life would be when he returns
Trying to search for her dreams lost in oblivion....

I think of them and feel grateful that
I have never felt what they endure day by day
I don't live on dead hopes nor on distant dreams
I have gathered the courage to stand up for my decisions
So that my dreams don't get lost in oblivion....

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Wilted Flower

I know there is no one in there
But still I hear the cries
I feel the pain
As I feel something inside me die

The cries grow bitter and louder
I can feel that someone's pain inside me too
I cringe and I embrace myself tight
I cry aloud and say 'Oh god! What did I do?'

The pain flows through me
I just lay there devastated and helpless
The ordeal lasts for hours
I curse myself and accuse myself of being heartless

Slowly the pain subsides
I am exhausted
But still my mind doesn't stop
I think of he who got this inflicted

I know how badly he has sinned
But I pay for his sins
That's the way it is designed
That's what our nature has assigned

I can still bear the punishment of his sins
I can also forget him
But please tell me
How do I forget the scars within

I tremble and fear
I fear not of what this world might do to me
I fear that even I might also just wilt away
Like the wilted flower within me...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shattered Glass

I was walking down a road full of people on a cold night. Then I entered that place which I will always remember. I really don't know which one of them was colder, the weather that night or the people around me. Amongst all of this hustle bustle I somehow felt lonely. There were so many fake friendly faces all around me. So many beautiful women and so many handsome men. But none of them were brave enough to let go off their impeccable masks. All of them trying to please the world around them which did not even bother about their existence. There were many others who had tiny cracks in their masks. Although the cracks were tiny they almost showed off their broken, bruised and battered souls.I didn't know why was I there. Why was I trying to find life amongst dead souls? What was it that I was searching for?

I knew my search was over when I saw those light brown eyes. Those were the only lively eyes I saw there. He wasn't the most handsome man. He was not tall and handsome. He didn't resemble the handsome prince of the fairytales. We looked at each other for a while before we spoke to each other. It didn't take long for things to happen. Soon we were all entwined amongst each other. Our kisses had the passion of newfound romance. His velvet touch can't be forgotten. He made me smile and never let a tear fall from my eyes.

But life is not a fairytale and so every good thing has to end. Unlike the love stories that we have heard, this story didn't have a happy ending. Everything shattered like a glass crashes onto the ground and becomes splinters. There was nothing left anymore. The person who would never let a tear fall from my eyes now gave me nothing but tears. The kisses and touches were no more passionate but just something which you felt for the sake of it. They say that relationships are like glass. Its better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together. But I still took the hurt and pain to put the glass back together. But again if you put a broken glass back together the cracks show and so it had to fall apart.

Yet I have kept those broken pieces safe with me although I was the one who gave the final blow but then it was necessary . The memories are such that I won't forget. However hard we try to forget things still somethings do stick around in your mind. But its okay what if the person has changed the memories wont change nor will those brown eyes. Even today I search for those brown eyes. Even today I wish the glass wouldn't have shattered.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Father In The Heavens

Look at her now. She is no more that sight which got locked in your memory in the last moments of your doomsday. Look at those broad shoulders, the long legs and the unmistakably remarkable face. Isn't she the remains of the unforgiven and insufferable life of yours? Isn't she the reminiscence of your deeds?
Days and nights she passed dreaming of you, putting together the parts of a vast jigsaw puzzle which always remained a mystery. She is always imagining how life would have been with you around, pretending that you were there somewhere around watching her through all the good and bad days of her life, wondering whether you would have made the same deadly mistakes which she made, trying to feel that warm hug which she always longed for, trying to feel that small pat on her back which would make her feel proud when she did some good deed in her life. She gathers courage from an imaginative picture of yours stuck in her mind; looking at it time and again for guidance, help and support. She listens to imaginative words she always longed to hear. Sometimes I wonder what is it that keeps her going strong as she struggles to pass each day of her life. But I know that it's not you.
Now take a look at the woman standing right beside her. She has always been there beside her through thick and thin. She has been the one to stand like a tough wall through all the difficult times of her life. But she is sad because the one whom she is protecting has rarely realized it. She has stood there beside that little woman through the major goof ups of her life. Take a careful look at her. She has those gentle yet strong eyes. Her eyes have those wrinkles around them. It means that she did laugh and smile in her life. But I haven't seen her having a hearty laugh which comes right from the soul since almost last twenty years of her life. Her soul lives only for that little lady by her side who is the only purpose of her life. If she is gone there will be nothing in her life worth living.
Just once, come down from you heavenly throne and heal their souls...