Thursday, January 8, 2009

Father In The Heavens

Look at her now. She is no more that sight which got locked in your memory in the last moments of your doomsday. Look at those broad shoulders, the long legs and the unmistakably remarkable face. Isn't she the remains of the unforgiven and insufferable life of yours? Isn't she the reminiscence of your deeds?
Days and nights she passed dreaming of you, putting together the parts of a vast jigsaw puzzle which always remained a mystery. She is always imagining how life would have been with you around, pretending that you were there somewhere around watching her through all the good and bad days of her life, wondering whether you would have made the same deadly mistakes which she made, trying to feel that warm hug which she always longed for, trying to feel that small pat on her back which would make her feel proud when she did some good deed in her life. She gathers courage from an imaginative picture of yours stuck in her mind; looking at it time and again for guidance, help and support. She listens to imaginative words she always longed to hear. Sometimes I wonder what is it that keeps her going strong as she struggles to pass each day of her life. But I know that it's not you.
Now take a look at the woman standing right beside her. She has always been there beside her through thick and thin. She has been the one to stand like a tough wall through all the difficult times of her life. But she is sad because the one whom she is protecting has rarely realized it. She has stood there beside that little woman through the major goof ups of her life. Take a careful look at her. She has those gentle yet strong eyes. Her eyes have those wrinkles around them. It means that she did laugh and smile in her life. But I haven't seen her having a hearty laugh which comes right from the soul since almost last twenty years of her life. Her soul lives only for that little lady by her side who is the only purpose of her life. If she is gone there will be nothing in her life worth living.
Just once, come down from you heavenly throne and heal their souls...

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  1. hmm...

    Parents, whether they exist or don't they would still remain in your heart as long as u believe in them..
    Maybe u can't see your father but he's always watching your every step.

    great thought coming across in the blog. Showing the emptiness in your life.

    Keep Blogging Princess !