Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Day of Reckoning

Tick, tick and ticking away...
I can hear it everywhere
In my bedroom and even in the dark alleys
And it won't stop now.
It ain't slow and steady
Its like a bomb ticking fast and frantically...

It has a life and a voice of its own,
Which cries aloud in despair.
It sobs sitting in a corner inside me,
Wondering why they don't care.

I can see it coming
With a speed of lightning.
The day will come soon enough,
When I will have to see it crumbling.

That day, the doomsday of my soul,
To bits and pieces it will explode.
The day when I pay the final price.
It'll leave nothing but ashes.
And then you may talk to me
Staring deep into my hollow eyes...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Ocean Storm

The ocean meets the shore on a stormy day.
I lay behind and let it sweep me by,
Letting the waves take me in their stride,
In the surrender I take pride.

I let them take me down the whirlpool of pleasure.
I wait in crazy anticipation.
I am warned as I look into those intense eyes,
But I give in without hesitation.

I feel the wind go wild.
I awake from a scary haze.
It rains, it pours for days and days....
I am lost in the intimate intricacy.....

As I turn from gray to green,
I feel the land shift away from beneath.
I lay there drenched, not believing the feat.
Again wind is breeze and the ocean is serene.