Friday, November 5, 2010

Keep me in your heart for a while

No, this is not written for anyone specifically. It's just something that came to my mind while listening to the song named 'Keep me in your heart' by Warren Zevon.

Open your eyes to a new dawn
After a dark night there is always a new morn.
Look at your angelic face, it breaks my heart to even wake you up now.
I think I'll just leave, tip toe my way out of here.
Oh honey, it does tear me apart to leave you this way,
But I have my own new dawn to take care of.
Yes this is the end.
I have miles to go and can't take you along.
No you don't need my hand anymore.
Just like me, you too have places to go.
I am taking with me our whispers by the pillows,
Our kisses and tears.
Remember that day under the tree,
When you held me as my lips trembled while we kissed.
Yes I am taking with me the memories too.
There is just a small wish.
Keep some of my memories with you too.
Let me go with a smile.
And keep me in your heart for a while.