Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dreams Lost In Oblivion....

He lies there along with others like himself
Lies in that shady place and forcibly calls it 'home'
Abandoned by his own blood and welcomed by strangers
He still wonders, what went wrong sitting there alone
He stares into his empty life with his weakened and blurred vision
Trying to search for his dreams lost in oblivion....

Just a kid of nine he stands there all day
Amidst the noise of people, buses and cars
Just to earn the few pennies to have his bread and butter
He hopes that one day he won't beg and would stand amongst the stars
He still continues singing at the signals with meticulous precision
Trying to search for his dreams lost in oblivion....

He left her for the nation on their wedding night much to her dismay
She goes through all the possible newspapers everyday
She watches the news on the television hoping he would return one day
But she doesn't know that he lies dead across enemy lines
She still wonders how her married life would be when he returns
Trying to search for her dreams lost in oblivion....

I think of them and feel grateful that
I have never felt what they endure day by day
I don't live on dead hopes nor on distant dreams
I have gathered the courage to stand up for my decisions
So that my dreams don't get lost in oblivion....

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Wilted Flower

I know there is no one in there
But still I hear the cries
I feel the pain
As I feel something inside me die

The cries grow bitter and louder
I can feel that someone's pain inside me too
I cringe and I embrace myself tight
I cry aloud and say 'Oh god! What did I do?'

The pain flows through me
I just lay there devastated and helpless
The ordeal lasts for hours
I curse myself and accuse myself of being heartless

Slowly the pain subsides
I am exhausted
But still my mind doesn't stop
I think of he who got this inflicted

I know how badly he has sinned
But I pay for his sins
That's the way it is designed
That's what our nature has assigned

I can still bear the punishment of his sins
I can also forget him
But please tell me
How do I forget the scars within

I tremble and fear
I fear not of what this world might do to me
I fear that even I might also just wilt away
Like the wilted flower within me...