Sunday, April 24, 2011


The wind has changed its direction. The sky looks gloomier, dark clouds encompass your vision. The touch of the cold wind however brightens the soul like never before. The icy cold rain water quenches the thirst for a change, the ever needed change for the wanderer. The shiver down the spine doesn't stop one from welcoming the sense of 'freedom'.

Freedom doesn't mean you need an escape. It doesn't mean you need to numb your senses to feel it and it definitely doesn't mean that you need to drown reality. You don't need a different landscape or a different people or a different geography. All you need is to think change, think boundless and think freedom.

The dark clouds, the pouring rain and the scathing cold wind give me the sense of freedom. When I face the sky and feel the harsh touch of the rain drops on my face, I can't resist the urge to close my eyes and say to myself; "Isn't this the beauty of freedom." It is such a moment when you realize that you feel freedom, you are too lost for words to define it or describe it. The beauty is to enjoy that moment without trying to analyze it. It is all about savoring; savoring the freedom that you feel in that moment.