Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Wilted Flower

I know there is no one in there
But still I hear the cries
I feel the pain
As I feel something inside me die

The cries grow bitter and louder
I can feel that someone's pain inside me too
I cringe and I embrace myself tight
I cry aloud and say 'Oh god! What did I do?'

The pain flows through me
I just lay there devastated and helpless
The ordeal lasts for hours
I curse myself and accuse myself of being heartless

Slowly the pain subsides
I am exhausted
But still my mind doesn't stop
I think of he who got this inflicted

I know how badly he has sinned
But I pay for his sins
That's the way it is designed
That's what our nature has assigned

I can still bear the punishment of his sins
I can also forget him
But please tell me
How do I forget the scars within

I tremble and fear
I fear not of what this world might do to me
I fear that even I might also just wilt away
Like the wilted flower within me...

1 comment:

  1. u can forget the pain sometimes
    even the scars within get healed
    they say taime's the sloution
    but don;t understand the hearts peeld

    u can pretend to be rude, but u knoow
    u r the one who's gonna get hurt
    the shatterd emotions of urs gonna bother u
    like a black spot on white shirt

    the only solution to it is clearing the air
    u know u can't change whatever's happened
    just bring a change and be a part of it
    move on to the future coz past did never matter

    there's no question of fogaving ne1 or forgeting
    where there's a sin there's a punnishment
    it's the of nature and it's same for everyone
    it doesn't care even if ur emotions faint

    ur life is a a beautiful flower
    which can make lives lit
    just find some water of true realtions
    so taht it can never wilt...