Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jaded ♥ 's

Note: This post is not written by me. It is written by my beloved friend Drishty Tanwar (the frizzy haired dodo, that's her) for me. I love you :)

All the twisted friends inside my head keep me sane.
The cynicism of my thought sickens me.
To the bone.
And I ignite with the fire that burns down the mask I'd rather wear to get through my days.
And I scream with the silence of a thousand broken smiles - take me away from here.
I weave dreams of the life I'd rather be living with the bitterness of all that could've been.
I find my happiness in the smallest, the silliest things that probably don't exist, but in my head they're so potent.
I startle pedestrians, I scare little children, I shock old people, I am an unbelievable version of me.. so amazing, I'm almost real.
I laugh till my stomach hurts at my own notions of life, love and learning.
I'm complacent, but I care.
I'm stubborn, but I grow.
I'm selfish, but I love unconditionally.
I'm obsessed, but I let go.
I'm free, but I'm grounded.
I'm alone, but not lonely.
I'm bitter, but I don't waste my time on hate.
I'm wronged, but I hope.
I'm weak, but I'm determined.
I'm flawed, but I'm rational.
*my life, my problem.*
don't judge me, correct me.
don't pity me, accept me.
don't leave me, let me.
don't hate me 'cuz I'm not special...'cuz darlin', neither are you :]

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